Bad Blood #3
Story title(s)
'Bad Blood, part 3'
Warren Pleece (layouts), Philip Bond (finishes)
Pamela Rambo (colourist), Digital Chameleon (separations)
Clem Robins
Shelly Roeberg and Jim Higgins (editors)
Cover date
November 2000
Collected in
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Hellblazer Special: Bad Blood (A Restoration Comedy) #3 (November 2000)

Plot summaryEdit

Constantine meets up with Lorna - the woman who wrote the script for the Bloodlines television series. Lorna reveals the two written endings to the series - one sees Dolly becoming the new queen of England, the other ends in her death but the savior of the fetus growing within her. Realising that events have been set in place to run with the second ending, Constantine faces a race against time to save Dolly's life. Regaining her consciousness, Dolly is told by a sneering Rex that she's been "clinically impregnated with noble sperm". In a state of shock, Dolly is forced to hear out the rest of Rex's plan - including her scheduled death.

When a republican gunship shows up outside the manor, Dolly believes that they're there to rescue her - a belief which is quickly proven false when it opens up on her. As all hell breaks loose, Constantine and Sis ride into the fray. The republican forces are too strong however and the pair are quickly restrained - with King Charles dead, the royalty in England have become extinct. Constantine is asked to identify Dolly's body, recognising it as that of the actress who played her in the television show, he naturally lies and claims it's the real deal.

Using some customary magic, Constantine derives Dolly's location and, together with Sis and Chas, he sets off to find her. Hiding out on a boat, Dolly mistakes the approaching Constantine as a republican cop and shoots him - knocking him backwards into the river. Chas jumps in after his friend, not knowing whether he's alive or dead.


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