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DC Comics
March 2013 - May 1, 2015
Robert Venditti, Jeff Lemiree (w), Renato Guides, Jeremy Haun (a)
Collected in

Constantine is an ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics, which started in March 2013. It follows the story of a British magician, John Constantine and replaces the former Vertigo Comics title Hellblazer, which ended with its 300th issue after 25 years, in February 2013.

The series finally ended on its 23rd issue in May 1, 2015 and replaced by a new comic boom series entitled Constantine: The Hellblazer.


As its in New 52, the plot will coincide with the New 52 DC Universe together with Justice League Dark. The plot is still the same, with cynical John Constantine still the protagonist. But with his history slightly altered; with his meeting Zatanna in New York together with his mentor Nick Necro, and a curse that plagues him every time he sets foot on London. John also has to fight the occasional DC villains such as Sargon and Mister E.

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