Fengis is a minor supporting character in Andy Diggle's run on the Hellblazer series, first appearing in Hellblazer issue 240. Fengis is a young Chinese-British magician and medium in the employ of Song, the gang leader of a Chinese gang calling themselves the Skinheads. Since his boss, Song, is a close friend and possible lover of John Constantine, Fengis is sometimes loaned to the magus as a helper.

He was tasked once by John Constantine to mentally spy on Sargon the Sorcerer, an experience that "almost wiped out his frontal lobe". When a Sudanse witch doctor sent John a message hidden in a root, Fengis was tasked to decrypt it. The message turned out to be a warning to John about a mage-killer named Mako looking for him. Fengis was one of those whom Mako came across as he ruthlessly hunted down John. As Fengis tried to escape, Mako managed to corner and fatally wound him, but before he can feast on his flesh Fengis commits suicde by jumping off the building they were at.

In the Constantine series, a similar Asian youth named Chris also appeared. Like Fengis, Chris was also a telepath that John tried to take advantage off, this time to find a magical relic scattered in the globe. Also, like his Hellblazer counterpart, Chris is also sacrificed by John during his fight against the New 52 version of Sargon. He was also a good friend of the hero Spectre, and Chris' death caused a deep enmity between him and John Constantine.

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