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Goran Sudžuka
Date of birth
23 December 1969
Date of death
Zagreb, Croatia
Current home
Role(s) on Hellblazer
Hellblazer issues
Total number of issues/books

Goran Sudžuka (born December 23, 1969, Zagreb) is a Croatian comic book artist.


Sudžuka who began his work in animation and later began to publish with Darko Macan in Croatia and Germany.

His works include Outlaw Nation, Y: The Last Man and Lady Constantine with Andy Diggle.

As part of the Hellblazer 20th anniversary publications he will be drawing a mini-series based on John Constantine's longest surviving friend called, Chas: The Knowledge, written by Simon Oliver.


  • Outlaw Nation (with Jamie Delano, Sebastijan Camagajevic and Goran Parlov, Vertigo, 19 issue series, 2000–2002, TPB, 456 pages, Image Comics, 2006, ISBN 158240707X)


  • 2001: Won The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award
  • 2006: Nominated for "Best Serialized Story" Eisner Award, for Y: The Last Man #37-39: "Paper Dolls"

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