Hellblazer/The Books of Magic #2
Story title(s)
'Book one: Descent'
Paul Jenkins (script), John Ney Rieber (co-plotter), Neil Gaiman (consultant)
Paul Lee
Grant Goleash
Axel Alonso
Cover date
January 1998
Collected in
Next issue

Plot synopsisEdit

Ignoring John's advice, Tim Hunter transports himself and a grumbling Constantine to hell in search of John's childhood spirit. Upon arrival they are met by two sneering demons, who taunt John for bringing another child to hell. A confused Tim questions John about the other child (Astra) but John brushes him off. Constantine returns the demons taunts and causes one of them to let slip their masters name - Kobal ('Master Of The Infernal Theatre') . A satisfied leaves the two demons to bemoan their mistake.

As more demons appear to taunt the pair, Tim unleashes a spell which angers an already tense Constantine more. As the pair argue, Kobal makes his appearence, striking at Constantine through his 'childhood essence' and offering Tim the chance to both end John's suffering and to have his mother resurrected if he helps Kobal.

Tim grabs Kobal's arm and claims that he's cast a spell to bind the pair together. Tim refueses to release the demon until the locket is returned. Left with little choice, Kobal returns the locket and allows the pair to return home (but not before Tim tells Kobal to 'Fuck Off' in true Constantine manner, as John himself looks on in amusement).

With things restored to relative normality, John and Tim retire to celebrate their victory. John recounts the first time his father blamed him for killing his mother (the incident which led John to hiding his childhood spirit) and Tim reveals that he may (or may not) have been bluffing Kobal when he claimed that he had joined the pair together. As the pair part ways, John leaves the locket in Tim's possesion, turning down the chance to have his childhood spirit returned.

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