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This wiki is the central point for all things related to Hellblazer, the long-running, flagship Vertigo Comics series. From conman-magus John Constantine to Babylonian demon Nergal to hapless taxi driver Chas Chandler, this wiki will eventually contain everything there is to know about the comic, its spin-offs and its adaptations.

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Hellblazer issue 300


'Death and Cigarettes Pt. 3' It’s the heart-rending conclusion of “DEATH AND CIGARETTES”—and the end of Vertigo’s longest running series. John Constantine has escaped, cheated, narrowly avoided and even reversed death on multiple occasions over the past 25 years. Now, we will test whether the old boy has one more second chance in him. Don’t miss this epic, oversized special issue celebrating everything that makes John Constantine so bloody unique.


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Hard Time (Collection)


John Constantine has lost his freedom and must adapt to life behind bars. Sentenced to a maximum-security penitentiary, the Hellblazer soon learns that there is a whole different set of rules to live and die by within the prison walls. But for a man that is used to making the rules, Constantine quickly realizes that to become king of this castle he will have to fight his way up the ladder through ruthless gangs, brutal guards, and finally to the prison's overlord. Then it will be time for everyone to learn his rules.


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