Hellblazer #148
Story title(s)
'Hard Time, part 3'
James Sinclair (colours) Digital Chameleon (separations)
Clem Robins
Axel Alonso (editor), Jennifer Lee (asst. editor)
Cover date
May 2000
Collected in
Previous issue

John Constantine: Hellblazer #148 (May 2000)

Plot summaryEdit

Constantine is charged by Stark to find out where Kelly, a high ranking police officer in the prison, is getting all his information on Stark's outfit. Buzz, Stark's right hand man, warns his boss that the inmates are restless over the favouritism he's shown John. That night, Constantine receives a visit from Kelly, who turns over his cell and treats him to a full body cavity search.

Working down in the laundry, Constantine spies Kelly and Buzz talking in private. Later that day, Stark informs John that his wife is there to visit him. Heading to the visitors area, Constantine finds Buzz enjoying a nudie show - courtesy of Stark. The two exchange harsh words, with John hinting that he saw the meeting in the laundry, and Buzz pointing out that he's doing time for killing his wife and kids.

Summoned to the gym by Stark, Constantine learns that Kelly and the killer have struck a deal, which is bad news for Kelly's former informent. Stark places the unfortunate victims tongue on the weights machine and drops several kilos on it. Stark then catches Constantine by surprise, stabbing Kelly in the gut. As riot police flood the gym, Stark leaves John holding the bloody murder weapon.


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