Hellblazer #230
Story title(s)
'In at the Deep End, part 1'
Lee Loughridge
Jared K Fletcher
Casey Seijas
Cover date
May 2007
Collected in
Previous issue

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Plot summaryEdit

"In at the Deep End" part 1! Constantine is back in the smoke and back on his game. But when he finds himself handcuffed to a post in the River Thames with the tide rising around him, he has some fast talking to do if he wants to live to see the dawn.


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Other mediaEdit

  • Harry Locke IV made a non-profit fan adaptation on November 1, 2013. The film stars Robbie Allen as John Constantine and Paul Hird as Webb. Due to the low budget of the film, panels such as when Constantine talks to the ghosts were not included.
Hellblazer John Constantine07:53

Hellblazer John Constantine


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