Marquee Moon
Story title(s)
The Sandman Presents: Marquee Moon
Peter Doherty (pencils, inks pp46-56), D'Isreali (inks pp 1-45)
Todd Klein
Cover date
Collected in
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British writer Peter Hogan, best known to comic-book readers for his work on 2000 A.D. and The Dreaming, wrote a followup to his popular miniseries, The Sandman Presents: Love Street, in 1997. Unfortunately, The Sandman Presents: Marquee Moon, as the one-shot John Constantine and Mucous Membrane would have been called, has never been published, even a decade after it was first solicited.

Marquee Moon would have chronicled Constantine's 1977 encounter with an American woman with a secret—the main character of the story and the mother of a young girl featured in The Sandman's "The Hunt"—who'd moved to London and discovered punk-rock music for the first time. Had this 56-page one-shot seen publication, it would have featured The Clash's comic-book debut.

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