The "Ramblings of a Hellblazer" podcast was set up after the cancellation of the Constantine TV show on NBC. It provides some positive words, as well as impressions and most importantly is the conduit whereby Chris Gordon, the creator and broadcaster of the podcast, has become a "voice of hellblazers" in bringing candid interviews with the cast and crew. So far interviewed are Matt Ryan 7 Jonjo O'Neill, Harold Perrineau, Angelica Celaya, Will Campbell and crew such as Dave Blass (Set Production Designer), Christine Boylan (screenwriter/producer), Hillary Brant (Production Assistant). Forthcoming interviews will include more cast & crew such as JD Evermore, and Andy Rusk

The podcast and all episodes and interviews can be found here:

Ramblings of a Hellblazer

There is also an android app of the same name available via the play store for free

Page created by Chris Gordon (hellblazerpodcast)

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