The Horrorist #1
Story title(s)
'Antarctica, part 1'
David Lloyd
Elitta Fell
Cover date
December 1995
Collected in
Previous issue

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Plot summaryEdit

A world-weary Constantine watches as a violent episode erupts at a bar, but the incident fails to elicit any emotional response from him whatsoever. He then takes in the services of an S&M dominatrix only to realize that his soul is empty, and he cannot feel emotions of any kind anymore. A chance encounter with a stunning billboard photograph re-lights the flames of his passion, however. He sets off to identify the enchanting face by tracking down the photographer. The photographer gives him some vague details about the photo in question, indicating only that it originated in a war zone in Africa, and the subject was eventually taken in by Christian missionaries from the US. Constantine embarks on a mission of his own to find this beautiful young refugee .


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