"Many times I sent my spirit back and sent it forth, from the dawn of man to the palace at the end of all things-- and always I saw you there... shouting defiance at the gods of man's own creation. The thumb on the balance... you are the constant one." - The African mage describing the Constantine's lineage

The Laughing Magicians are a bloodline of people capable of using the Synchronicity Wave Travelling, and is very adept at rebuking and outsmarting gods from all mythologies and religion. Laughing magician existed during the growth of mankind. They are people who rebuked gods whom other people worship. Some even managing to destroy or use gods for their own whim.

Although the title only belongs to the Constantine lineage, not all of its bloodline are capable of such feats nor are they worthy of such title.

Ancestors Edit


6th CenturyEdit

Kon-stan-tyn (b.c.440)Edit

Deceased Kon-stan-tyn was the legendary king of England after the death of King Arthur, and the oldest known ancestor of John Constantine. He was responsible for keeping pagan gods aside by having them incorporated into early Christianity. He also had two sons whom he sacrificed, one of which he had fathered with the Queen of the Sidhe. For more information see Kon-stan-tyn
Only appearance: Hellblazer Annual 1

Constantine (b.c.500)Edit

Deceased A figure in Justinian's Constantinople and emperor of the Roman Empire. He was the one who converted Rome to Christianity. No first name given.

Only appearance: Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold

A montage of all former Magnificent Bastards

16th CenturyEdit

Jack Constantine (a.d.1530)Edit

Deceased Jack was a scoundrel and contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I who died in an Essex churchyard.
Only mention: Sandman issue 13

17th CenturyEdit

Pyotr Konstantin (a.d.1630-1986)Edit

Deceased A Russian drunkard, powerful magician and cruel murderer who accidentally unleashed a cancer demon upon the world. Died, thanks to some time-travelling trickery, in 1986.
First appearance: The Trenchcoat Brigade issue one. Last appearance: The Trenchcoat Brigade issue four

Harry Constantine (a.d.1619-1993)Edit

Deceased Harry was a soldier in the English Civil War, fighting for Cromwell's republican army - though only for money, not belief - and a willing participant in the Massacre at Drogheda. He ran foul of The Ribbon Queen, who cursed him to immortality and buried him alive. He was later dug up and killed by John Constantine.
Only appearance: Hellblazer issue 62

18th CenturyEdit

Hugh Constantine (a.d.1705)Edit

Deceased Hugh was born in England but moved to New York in 1731, where he opened a tavern. He sided with a group of slaves in an uprising and was burned at the stake, but managed to fake his death and escape.
Only appearance: Papa Midnite issue three. Last appearance: Papa Midnite issue five

Lord George Constantine (a.d.1730-1775)Edit

Deceased Father of Lady Johanna Constantine, and a contemporary of Robespierre. Was hanged for treason.
First mentioned: Sandman issue 29. Last mentioned: Lady Constantine issue two

Lady Harriet Constantine (a.d.1730-1775)Edit

Deceased Mother of Lady Johanna Constantine. Also hanged for treason.
First mentioned: Sandman issue 29. Last mentioned: Lady Constantine issue two

Johanna Constantine (25, Oct. 1760-25, Oct. 1859)Edit

Deceased Adventurer and scandal-maker. Her many adventures include finding the immortal head of Orpheus for his father, Morpheus, and siezing a box that acted as a gateway to Hell. Had an identical twin sister who died in the womb. Died of natural causes at the age of 99. For more information, see Johanna Constantine.
First appearance: Sandman issue 13. Last appearance: Lady Constantine issue four

'Mouse' Constantine (a.d.1778)Edit

Deceased Johanna Constantine's illegitimate daughter, kept as her ward. She was dragged to Hell due to Johanna's supernatural meddling.
First appearance: Lady Constantine issue one. Last appearance: Lady Constantine issue four

James Constantine (a.d.1767)Edit

Deceased Samuel Taylor Coleridge's drug supplier; foiled an attempt by several angels to show Coleridge a vision of Heaven in the hope that he would write a poem so beautiful that people would convert to Christianity.
First appearance: Hellblazer issue 105

'Dark' Conrad Constantine (a.d.1780)Edit

Deceased Caribbean pirate and occultist who made a deal with the elder gods to escape death.
First appearance: Swamp Thing issue 114. Last appearance: Swamp Thing issue 115

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