Vertigo characters

Various characters from Vertigo comics

The Vertigo Universe is the fictional world in which many books released by Vertigo Comics are based. All of these books are owned by Vertigo's parent company, DC Comics. Vertigo also publishes many creator-owned titles, but none of these take place in the Vertigo Universe.

Comics set in the Vertigo Universe have certain common elements: the existence of magic, Heaven, Hell and a pantheistic collection of gods. However, certain elements in one book may contradict those in others; ultimately, each book is beholden only to itself.

The following Constantine-related comics are based in the Vertigo Universe:

Other comics in the Vertigo Universe:

  • The Sandman and spin-offs
  • Lucifer
  • The Un-Men
  • The Witching
  • Doom Patrol

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